“This Butte is capriciously decorated with sweet brilliant metallic orgies of color at any time, all times, as if by whims of pagan gods lightly drunk and lightly mad.”

– Mary MacLane, early 20th Century Butte-born author.

There simply aren’t enough words to describe Butte, Montana. We invite you to step into the world that we inhabit here in Butte, and find your own words.

Our world is full of history – both Butte’s and our own – as well as architecture, stained glass, art and writing.

Step inside…….


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. John Cavanaugh

    The Butte Urban Safari Tour with Mark Reavis today was great! The mining infrastructure preservation and restoration Mark is leading is impressive. The mining history of Butte needs to be preserved!

  2. Gail Bloom

    We found Mark’s tour one of the best city history/architectural tours we have been on ever. The passion he has for his town totally informs his architectural and history overview of this important community in western community. If you the time, take his tour of america’s largest historic district and perhaps the biggest toxic waste site as well.


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